Your chronic care lifeline

Get the tools and support you need increase access, boost revenues and transform patients’ lives

Your chronic care lifeline

Get the tools and support you need increase access, boost revenues and transform patients’ lives

An all-in-one chronic care toolkit

myNurse is your one-stop solution for deploying chronic care management and remote patient monitoring services at your clinic. We find and enroll eligible patients, monitor their vitals, support them remotely with personalized coaching and streamline reimbursement and admin paperwork, all at no upfront cost.

Before myNurse

Chronic care chaos

You’re overworked and overwhelmed, drowning in appointments, software, paperwork and a mess of scattered patient information. Chronic care follow-up is inconsistent, patient outcomes are disappointing and burnout feels just around the corner.

After myNurse

Doctor looks at member's progress on tablet

You’ve got the information you need, all in one place and exactly when you need it. Your desk is clear of admin work, chronic care patients are supported between visits and you have more time for new patients at the clinic.

Tap into a new revenue strem


increase in revenue for clinic partners


increase in patient to clinical staff ratio


mm/Hg average reduction in systolic blood pressure versus baseline

Increase revenues, improve outcomes

By partnering with myNurse to support chronic care patients, a primary care physician with 300 eligible patients can expect to earn upwards of $150,000 in additional annual revenue via Medicare reimbursement.

Meanwhile, chronic care patients get the ongoing support they need to better manage their condition from home. Indeed, myNurse has been shown to lower members’ average blood glucose by 60% and systolic blood pressure by 12 mm/Hg versus their baseline.

Expand your reach with clinic staffing

Clinic size doesn’t need to hold you back. myNurse includes optional staffing and data review for clinics in need of overflow support.

Our team of licensed clinicians offers routine follow-up and one-on-one coaching to your chronic care patients between clinic visits, ensuring care plan compliance and escalating serious issues for review.

AI-powered clinician platform

Gone are the days of frantic call prep, scattered notes and hoping for the best.

Our augmented intelligence platform analyzes live patient interactions, historical outcomes and millions of patient health and behavior data points to optimize clinician workflows and identify the most effective interventions in real time.

Doctor looks at member's progress on tablet

Reclaim time and reel in stress

No more missing out on chronic care revenue for fear of complicated tech, time-consuming setup and a black hole of admin work.

Our turnkey solution automates key administrative tasks for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and identifies, clinically validates and enrolls patients in a chronic care management or remote patient monitoring program on your behalf.

100% clinic retention

Clinics stick with us because we give them the support they need to increase revenues and improve outcomes for high-risk chronic care patients.

Watch a testimonial

“ offers better management and control of disease while providing convenience to patients”

Dr. Joseph Kelada, MDRoseville Family Health, Sutter Health IPA

“Patient compliance has significantly improved and patients who always had high blood pressure are finally on track. I’m amazed.”

Dr. Sophia Mohammed, M.DEvergreen Family Practice

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