EMERYVILLE, April 23, 2021 —

myNurse.ai, a fast-growing behavior change, workflow automation, case management and health engagement platform designed to help older adults manage chronic conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, today announced a 440% YoY growth, fueled by new partnerships with clinics and primary care providers across California. Last year also saw the launch of a direct-to-consumer channel allowing eligible Medicare beneficiaries to track their health from home and build better habits with remote vitals monitoring and one-on-one support from a dedicated health coach.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 85% of older adults have at least one chronic health condition, with 60% living with two or more chronic conditions. However, despite Medicare programs that offer health care providers reimbursement for time spent supporting chronic care patients between clinic visits, less than 5% of patients receive this care.

myNurse streamlines the delivery of this much-needed care by offering a Medicare accredited digital health program that combines remote monitoring, chronic care management and health coaching to patients of its clinical partners at no cost, and directly to health-conscious consumers with services included with eligible insurance coverage. 

Clinic partners not only enjoy increased revenues via Medicare reimbursement, but also benefit from the platform’s workflow automation and case management tools, including automated billing and an augmented intelligence platform that analyzes historical patient outcomes and interactions to surface the most effective interventions and help care providers create health care and coaching plans tailored to the individual.

Clinic partners have seen improved patient health outcomes thanks to myNurse’s high-touch patient coaching program and AI-powered biometric and behavioral data model, which has collected nearly 1.2 million data points informing the development of hyper-personal care plans.

myNurse clinic partners saw an average revenue increase of 13% in 2020, and myNurse members reduced their blood pressure by 12mm Hg on average (a 20% improvement over the typical monotherapy drug for high blood pressure). Additionally, 60% of members with diabetes saw a reduction in average blood sugar, 64% had a reduction in critical alerts versus baseline, and 36% had their treatment plan modified based on insights gathered by the myNurse clinical team and AI platform. myNurse also retained 100% of its clinical partnerships.

“We operate with a ‘double bottom line,’” myNurse co-founder and CEO Waleed Mohsen told the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. “For us, it’s not just about the business metrics like growth, profitability and revenue. We want to know that we’ve made a difference in our members’ lives.” 

myNurse received numerous awards and recognitions in 2020, including selection as a 2020 Rosenman Innovator by the University of California San Francisco’s prestigious Rosenman Institute, a distinction reserved for companies developing innovative health technologies that will improve patient care. myNurse also participated in the University of California, Berkeley’s SkyDeck entrepreneurship program and won the HIMSS Northern California Chapter Startup Challenge at the 2020 Innovation Conference. 

Key team additions have also driven the company’s growth, including Director of Program Strategy Jessa Alt, formerly of Collective Health and Cityblock Health. Lane Therrell, FNP-BC, MSN, RN, was also promoted to Director of Clinical Education.

The myNurse team is passionate about using the power of technology to improve the lives of people with chronic conditions, and the company is hiring rapidly to support recent growth. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at the myNurse careers page.

Waleed Mohsen

Author Waleed Mohsen

Waleed Mohsen is the co-founder and CEO of mynurse.ai. He has been named a UCSF Rosenman Innovator and has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of hospitals and medical institutions in his business development roles at Siemens and Cisco.

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