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Earlier this year, Salusive was awarded a Sutter Health Innovation Grant, which enabled us to begin working with one of Sutter’s locations on a proof of concept pilot. The results have surprised even our team: patients using the Salusive platform were more likely to achieve desirable BP ranges by 45% on average when compared to control groups.
The aim of the pilot was to evaluate the performance of the Salusive Disease Management Platform in addressing patients with uncontrolled hypertension (>140/90) over 60 days. Working in collaboration with Dr. Joe Kelada at Roseville Family Practice in Roseville, CA, patients using the Salusive platform were compared against a control group (CG1) who were given the practice’s regular treatment plan, which included 30-day and 60-day reporting check ins. A second control group (CG2) was asked to keep a daily journal of their blood pressure, which was subsequently reviewed at 30-day and 60-day check-ins.
Despite best efforts to reduce friction in collecting the 30-day/60-day BP measurements by offering convenient collection options at the clinic and at home, Control Groups 1 and 2 had a very low response rate of 33% and 44%. Of the patients who responded from both groups, half were able to bring their BP to the desired range and half were not. Since CG2 was asked to keep a daily journal of their BP, the expectation was that patients who completed their journal would return it to their physician. That, however, was not the case, indicating that the majority of patients in CG2 most likely did not follow their treatment plan. As a result, the data from CG1 & CG2 are at best inconclusive and at worst show that patients do not adhere to the treatment plans provided by their care providers.
The low response rates reaffirm a major problem healthcare professionals have long known: once a patient leaves the clinic, monitoring them is difficult and most patients are non-compliant. Managing patients with chronic conditions has long been known to be a challenge, and these groups show that, indeed, it still is.
Patients who used the Salusive platform, however, showed meaningful progress in addressing their uncontrolled hypertension. We believe this outcome was caused by a combination of three factors:


Patients enrolled on Salusive made an average of 1.4 daily measurements with a 100% response rate. Compared against CG1 & CG2 response rates of 33% & 44% for only one check per month, Salusive demonstrated a significant influence in building healthy habits to help patient’s track their vitals and medication adherence. The average number of daily measurements gives care providers a method of quantifying patient engagement in a manner that was not possible before.


Through a combination of Salusive’s healthy habit-building platform and staff follow-up, 83% of patients were able to bring their BP to the desired range. Salusive’s ability to engage patients in their treatment plan and track their progress served as a positive reinforcement tool in keeping patients healthy.


36% of patients were found to be not responding well to their original treatment course of medication. With the data provided by Salusive, the care providers were able to update their dosage and/or medication. This is information a care provider may not have known for weeks or months without regular reporting through Salusive’s platform, and those patients may otherwise have easily ended up in the emergency room. The connection Salusive establishes between provider and patient allows care teams to reassure patients that are responding well while proactively notifying and updating the treatment plan of those who are not.
Although this pilot as part of the Sutter Health Grant has officially ended, we are continuing to work with Dr. Kelada and his patients while expanding into diabetes treatment. Following the very compelling results of this study, we are exploring working with additional healthcare organizations, ACO’s, and managed care groups to prove out the financial impact our disease management tool provides.
If you are interested in partnering with Salusive or have any comments, feel free to reach out!

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