EMERYVILLE, May 7, 2021 —

From the very beginning, myNurse.ai and our Wellness Coach team have held to a simple mantra: We’re on a mission to make healthcare more human. 

This means that along with the improved health outcomes and engagement we see in our members, we take special pride in the unique, often life-changing bonds that form between our members and coaches. Indeed, research shows that social circumstances can have a larger effect on a person’s health than the actual care they receive. Every day we see first hand that when it comes to healthy aging, community is key.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Village Movement California, a coalition of 43 community-based organizations called villages that work at the grassroots level to connect older adults to the community, programs, organizations and expertise they need to age in place and live independently. 

As part of this mission, Village Movement California is partnering with myNurse on a 12-month pilot program with four of its villages: Ashby Village, Berkeley, San Clemente Village, San Clemente, SLO Village, San Luis Obispo, and San Francisco Village, San Francisco.

myNurse will offer Village members educational workshops on topics like managing high blood pressure, building healthy eating habits, dealing with loneliness and anxiety and much more. myNurse will also be available as a resource for health-related questions from village members, and, of course, is eager to offer members with chronic conditions additional support through our health monitoring and coaching program.

“myNurse was founded on the belief that if individuals had a meaningful support structure between visits to their doctor, this would have a positive impact on overall health,” says Waleed Mohsen, co-founder and CEO of myNurse. “This collaboration with VMC sets a new standard in enabling older adults to age in place with greater support structures and independence.”

Village Movement California is dedicated to revolutionizing the experience of aging and is always on the lookout for new ways to offer older adults the critical community support that will help them stay healthy and out of the hospital. This makes a collaboration with myNurse a perfect fit.

“This high-touch telehealth program will support optimal health in our villages while preventing hospital visits,” says Charlotte Dickson, Executive Director of Village Movement California, adding that myNurse “gives villages a new tool for helping members and volunteers stay healthy and take charge of their aging journey.”

A member of the national Village to Village Network, Village Movement California engages over 10,000 members, volunteers and families. 

As part of the launch of its collaboration with myNurse, Village Movement California is hosting an online information session on June 2, 2021 to give its members a chance to learn more about myNurse and how our health coaching program works. Interested village members are encouraged to RSVP for the session or visit mynurse.ai/villages to learn more. 

Waleed Mohsen

Author Waleed Mohsen

Waleed Mohsen is the co-founder and CEO of mynurse.ai. He has been named a UCSF Rosenman Innovator and has over 10 years of experience working with leaders of hospitals and medical institutions in his business development roles at Siemens and Cisco.

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