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Older adult woman takes morning medicationMember Stories
November 5, 2021

Member story: “Where We’re At”

Every morning, Steven* would boil water for his mother’s tea, steep a bag of her favorite breakfast blend and leave her mug steaming at the kitchen table, where she liked…
Older adult woman stands alone at home looking out the windowMember Stories
September 19, 2021

Member story: “Push Start”

Gloria* was haunted. Every morning as she ate her breakfast and every evening as she put away the dishes, a dark presence seemed to loom in the house – watching…
Senior African-American Woman Enjoying Breakfast with DaughterMember Stories
July 14, 2021

Member story: “Snowball”

Every night, before she turned off the TV and got ready for bed, Gabby’s daughter would ask her if she’d remembered to take her medication that day. At 74, Gabby*…