We don’t like to brag

Older adult woman stands alone at home looking out the windowMember Stories
September 19, 2021

Member story: “Push Start”

Gloria* was haunted. Every morning as she ate her breakfast and every evening as she put away the dishes, a dark presence seemed to loom in the house – watching…
Senior African-American Woman Enjoying Breakfast with DaughterMember Stories
July 14, 2021

Member story: “Snowball”

Every night, before she turned off the TV and got ready for bed, Gabby’s daughter would ask her if she’d remembered to take her medication that day. At 74, Gabby*…
Senior man walking dog on sunny dayMember Stories
January 19, 2021

Member story: “On your side”

A retired police officer, Rick* is used to bearing a heavy weight on his shoulders, to bucking up, facing his problems head-on and doing what needs to be done to…