We don’t like to brag

Senior woman out for a walk in natureMember Stories
October 14, 2020

Member story: “What if?”

Julie* hates to be a bother. She lives alone and values her independence, so she always tries to solve problems on her own. And when she can’t, well, she tries…
Senior woman sits at table, thoughtfullMember Stories
September 12, 2020

Member story: “A little boost”

Every morning, Georgia* wakes up early, makes her oats and yogurt, sits at her kitchen table and plans for the day ahead. In months past, she could look forward to…
Elderly woman reads a book outsideMember Stories
March 1, 2020

Member stories: Beyond the numbers

It’s easy to see why a majority of older voters point to health care as their top concern, with nearly a third ranking it as more important than the economy,…