Whitepaper: A Comparative Analysis of Managed CCM Solutions

A look at the managed CCM solution competitive landscape & the potential impact of CCM for clinics and patients

The results are in: Chronic Care Management (CCM) plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry’s shift towards Value-Based Care (VBC) and in addressing the challenges facing patients with chronic conditions by providing preventative care and care coordination services.

However, many healthcare providers are struggling to adopt effective CCM programs, in large part due to a lack of bandwidth on clinical teams. If you’re trying to find a managed CCM solution, download our guide, CCM Market Landscape: A Comparative Analysis of Managed CCM Solutions, to learn:

  • How CCM technology and services can boost clinic revenues and improve chronic care patient outcomes
  • Types of managed CCM solutions available in the current competitive landscape and which are best suited for a clinic at your stage of transition to VBC
  • Pros and cons of the most popular managed CCM solutions

This study is commissioned by myNurse.ai and meant as an unbiased guide for buyers considering their purchasing options in the current technology marketplace.

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